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Brevard County traffic can get hectic at times, but you’re still required to abide by Florida driving laws at all times. If you receive a traffic violation, this can affect you more than you may realize. Contesting a traffic ticket can be challenging, and having previous charges on your record can make this process more difficult to navigate. Many individuals in Brevard County are unaware of their rights when they are pulled over for a traffic offense, which is why our team at Chang Law Firm is committed to educating local residents and defending them in court.

When you receive a traffic ticket and believe you’re innocent, it’s highly recommended you speak with a Brevard County traffic ticket lawyer immediately. By informing Chang Law Firm about your situation, we can fully listen to your entire story and determine how to move forward. There are several defenses we can use against prosecutors, and the odds of your charges being dropped or lessened can increase significantly with our help.

Brevard County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

The Different Types of Traffic Violations

Some of the most common traffic violations include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving without a license
  • Speeding
  • DUI
  • Leaving the scene
  • Improper lane change
  • Double-parking
  • Not wearing a seat belt while operating a vehicle

Traffic violations can result in minor penalties if you don’t have a history of offenses, but if your record shows multiple violations, the punishments begin to increase. The way an individual’s violations are tracked is through the state’s point system.

Driver’s License Point System

In Florida, traffic violations add up on your record. When you pay a citation for a violation, you will have points added to your license. If you have more than 12 points on your license before a full year has passed, you may start to lose your driving privileges. If you need to retain your driving privileges despite having too many points accumulated, it’s essential to fight the tickets you’ve received alongside a traffic attorney.

Each type of traffic violation is worth a certain amount of points. For example, if you change lanes improperly, you’ll receive three points on your license. However, if you perform a hit-and-run that results in property damage, you could see six points added to your license.

The easiest way to avoid points is to pay attention to what you’re doing and follow all laws carefully. However, mistakes happen, and we’ve worked with clients who didn’t understand that they were violating certain laws. If you’re met with any traffic offense, speak with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as you can so they can begin building a case for you.

Can Points Come Off Your License?

If you have points on your driver’s license in Florida and don’t want to risk accumulating more, you can have your points reduced.

One way to do this is by fighting the traffic citation and proving you’re not at fault for what you’re accused of. Many residents in Brevard County don’t realize how tricky this type of situation can be, and they fail to win their cases on their own. However, having the help of a Brevard County traffic ticket attorney can strengthen your case and potentially dismiss your charges.

Every state has different methods of reducing your points, and the main one they offer is to take driving courses. If you complete these courses and show proof to the court, they may reduce or clear your driving record.

If you aren’t able to take time for driving courses, you can always wait for the points to expire. For example, if you abide by the law for at least 36 months after first paying a citation, those points will expire. This requires you to avoid traffic violations for roughly three years, but many choose this option when trying to eliminate their record.

Defenses for a Traffic Ticket

If you’ve never received a traffic violation before, or you’re certain you did nothing wrong, you may begin to worry about what to do next. Fortunately, there are defenses you may be able to use to defend yourself when questioned by a prosecutor.

The following claims are more complicated than they appear, which is why you should also seek legal representation first. The following defenses may be enough to challenge your ticket and have the charges dropped or lessened:

  • The officer was using faulty equipment when measuring your driving speed.
  • The officer didn’t actually see you doing what you’re being accused of.
  • The officer did not have proper training in the equipment they used to determine your speed.
  • You weren’t the person driving; therefore, the officer is charging you for something you didn’t do.
  • You were following all street signs and driving laws properly, yet were accused of violating one.

While these defenses can help, it’s difficult to prove you were in the right. Keep in mind that you are innocent until proven guilty, so if you intend to fight a traffic citation, be sure to have an attorney find the most reliable defenses to match your case.

The Penalties for Traffic Violations

Traffic violations may not yield penalties that completely change your life, such as life in prison, but can still negatively impact your driving privileges.

For non-moving traffic violations or minor offenses, you may only be required to pay at least 15 dollars to settle the situation. As the offenses increase in intensity, your fines will increase, as well. You could be required to pay nearly 250 dollars depending on your situation. While fines are difficult to deal with, the penalties extend to your driving privileges as well. You may also see your insurance rates increase, as insurance companies don’t like taking risks with people who have a negative driving record.

When you accumulate 12 points on your license from traffic violations within 12 months, your license will be suspended for 30 days. At 18 points in 18 months, this suspension period increases to three months. If you accumulate 24 points within 36 months, your license will be suspended for a full year. It’s also worth noting that your points from previous violations stack, so if you receive six more points after having 12 already, your suspension period extends.

Not having the right to drive can make everyday life more difficult. You won’t be able to drive your kids to school or get to work. It’s crucial you try to avoid accumulating points on your driving record, and if you believe you don’t deserve points due to a mistake on an officer’s part, you need to speak with an attorney immediately.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer FAQs

Q: Is It Worth Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Florida?

A: In almost every case, it is worth it to fight a traffic citation. This is the only way you can avoid getting hit with significant penalties, such as additional points on your driver’s license. Many people are unaware that they have legal options available when faced with a traffic violation, and with the help of an experienced attorney, you may have this violation dropped.

Q: How Can I Get a Traffic Ticket Dismissed in Florida?

A: A great way to have a traffic ticket dismissed is by contesting it in court. Doing this alone can not only be daunting but difficult, as well. You may not know about certain details that could help you defend yourself, and prosecutors are likely to be intimidating. To avoid your charges and clear your record, speak with an attorney so they can evaluate your situation and create a strong defense.

Q: How Much Do Traffic Ticket Lawyers Cost in Florida?

A: At Chang Law Firm, we can work with you to find a cost-effective yet reasonable price for our services. In Florida, traffic attorneys can charge anywhere from 49 to 149 dollars per hour, depending on you and your situation. This may seem like a lot for this type of attorney, but if they can help clear your charges, you’ll save money in the end, as well as have a clean driving record.

Q: What Are the Most Common Traffic Violations in Florida?

A: The three main traffic violations that people are charged with are speeding, driving with a suspended license (or without one at all), and ignoring stop signs. These are common mistakes people make when driving, and all can be easily avoided. However, if you are charged with violating these laws, you can still combat them in court with the help of an attorney.

Chang Law Firm Can Defend You

You may feel defeated or overwhelmed by a traffic violation, especially if it impacts your overall driving privileges. However, while the situation may be difficult, you can navigate it with the help of an experienced traffic ticket attorney.

At Chang Law Firm, we’re prepared to assist those in Brevard County who have been charged with traffic violations. We can use our experience handling traffic violation cases to eliminate your record and protect your rights. We’ll be ready to answer any questions you have about the process while giving you reliable advice and information needed to make crucial decisions.

Contact us today to discuss your situation and schedule a consultation.

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