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Brevard County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Every year, thousands of people across the United States experience different forms of domestic violence at the hands of their families and household members. Many of these victims face extremely difficult roads to recovery, and incidents of domestic violence can easily generate very complex criminal court proceedings and family law disputes among those involved. While victims need support and protection after experiencing domestic violence, those accused must know their rights when faced with a criminal conviction.

Defense Representation for Domestic Violence Cases in Brevard County, FL

Unfortunately, while domestic violence continues to be a pervasive issue throughout the United States, false accusations of domestic violence are also common, often subjecting the accused to protracted and damaging proceedings and unjust penalties. For example, a divorcing spouse may levy a false domestic violence accusation against their spouse prior to filing for divorce. It’s also possible for an aggressor to falsely claim they were attacked after their intended victim acts in self-defense.

A domestic violence conviction can impact a defendant’s life in many ways. Most domestic violence charges lead to felony-level penalties, and the defendant will also face a wide range of additional effects outside of the penalties assigned by the judge. Ultimately, any defendant accused of domestic violence in Brevard County, FL, needs to know their rights after an arrest and how reliable defense representation can help in their situation. Chang Law Firm can provide the defense counsel you need if you face domestic violence charges in Brevard County, FL.

What Counts as Domestic Violence in Brevard County, Florida?

The term “domestic violence” is used quite broadly to define any act of harm that occurs between family or household members. Under Florida law, the parties involved do not necessarily need to be relatives for domestic violence to occur, nor must they live in the same household. Domestic violence may happen between spouses, domestic partners, former spouses and partners, parents and children, extended relatives, roommates, and more.

Most of the offenses prosecuted under the purview of Florida’s domestic violence statutes mirror other offenses. For example, there is a difference between simple “battery” and “domestic battery.” While a battery conviction can lead to severe penalties, the defendant faces harsher punishment if their actions constitute domestic battery. Some of the most commonly cited forms of domestic violence that lead to criminal case proceedings in Florida include:

  • Physical abuse, such as slapping, hitting, striking, or any other form of physical violence intended to do harm to the victim.
  • Strangulation or choking, which Florida considers especially harmful compared to other forms of physical abuse due to the high potential for life-threatening effects.
  • Sexual abuse, including rape or any type of sexual battery. The penalties for sexual abuse of any kind increase substantially when the victim is a minor.

When domestic violence occurs, the victim can secure a protective order from the Brevard County, FL, court that will prevent their abuser from coming near them or contacting them until a preliminary hearing. Additionally, if the victim sustained severe injuries, the defendant faces not only charges for domestic violence but also civil liability for the damages they inflicted as well.

Our team has provided successful criminal defense representation to many past clients in Brevard County and surrounding communities in Florida. Whatever type of charges you face, our firm can help you understand the penalties you could face if convicted and help you determine the best defenses available to you.

Potential Consequences of Domestic Violence in Brevard County, FL

Florida prosecutors tend to seek convictions in domestic violence cases very aggressively, and the inherent distasteful aspects of domestic violence can almost always seem to impose upon the defendant; it is easy for anyone in this situation to feel isolated as if the entire system is working against them and no one is on their side. Whether you committed the offense in question, acted in self-defense, or were wrongfully accused, a good defense attorney is the best asset you can have for reaching the best possible resolution to your domestic violence case.

If convicted of domestic battery, the defendant will face an automatic one-year probationary period, during which they must complete a batterer’s intervention program. This requirement stands apart from any other penalties assigned by the judge overseeing the case, and anyone convicted of domestic battery will face this as a baseline for their total penalty. Additional penalties can potentially include fines, jail time for misdemeanor convictions, prison time for felony convictions, and loss of child custody or visitation rights.

A defendant convicted of domestic violence will face a slew of immediate penalties and likely face substantial disruptions to various aspects of their life. Beyond the penalties assigned by the court, they could be compelled to move into a new living space, lose parenting time with their children, or face registration as a sex offender if their domestic abuse was sexual in nature in any way. They could also lose professional licenses they held, such as a license to practice medicine, or they could lose their memberships to any professional organizations to which they previously belonged.

How a Brevard County FL, Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Can Help

The right attorney can make a tremendous positive impact on the outcome of any domestic violence case. After an arrest for domestic violence, exercise your right to remain silent until you can exercise your right to speak with a defense attorney. Even if you acted in self-defense or were wrongfully accused, attempting to explain your way out of the situation is likely to cause more problems than it could solve, and it is always best to speak to an attorney before saying anything to anyone else.

An experienced Brevard County, FL, domestic violence defense attorney can carefully review the details of the events leading up to your arrest, analyze the evidence in play, and listen to your side of the events in question to determine the best defense options available. Remember that in any criminal case in the United States, the prosecution is required to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The right Brevard County, FL, domestic violence defense attorney is the ideal resource for preventing this from happening in your impending criminal case.

Chang Law Firm knows that you are likely to feel isolated and distressed after being arrested and charged with domestic violence. If you are ready to discuss your impending domestic violence case with a Brevard County defense lawyer you can trust, contact Chang Law Firm today to schedule your consultation with our team.

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